Every conference thrives on the contribution of the scientists who present their scientific studies and results and on the encouragement of young scientists which is a core task of our society. Therefor we want to focus more again on the scientific contributions in this year’s conference. We will on one hand revert back to our well-tried guided poster walks, which will be ordered thematically, but will also introduce a new format of abstract presentations. Outstanding abstracts will be awarded as Power-Pitch presentations.
We want to encourage you to enrich the program of the joint conference of the German and Austrian Societies of Neuroradiology with you taking an active part in the program.

Deadline for submissions

The submission system will be open from March 15 to June 11, 2019 - 11:59 p.m.

Procedure Abstract submission

Please be aware, that the abstract submission and the description of the submission steps is in German but you can of course also submit abstracts in English. We are looking forward to your submitted abstracts.

Please use the following instruction to follow the submission steps:

1. Log in or create a new account (Be aware that an account could already exist if you have registered for other relevant events like the last neuroRAD or the Röko International. If the system reports that your mail already has an account, please click on “Passwort vergessen?”. You will get a mail with your new password.)

2. Click on the button “Abstracteinreichung”. On the next site click on the green button “Ein Abstract einreichen”. From there you will start your abstract submission. With the button “Weiter” at the right end of every page, you will get from one step to another.

3. Type in your abstract title (The title will automatically be incorporated into your abstract. So, don’t list your title in the abstract document!) and choose your preferred presentation type (you can choose between “Vortrag” (oral presentation) or “Poster” (poster presentation)).

4. Please be aware that outstanding abstracts will be awarded as Power-Pitch presentations. Submitter with these awarded abstracts will get more detailed information after the review process.

5. Choose the category in which you want to submit your abstract. You can choose from the following:

  1. KI - Künstliche Intelligenz / artificial intelligence
  2. Neuroonkologie / Neuro-oncology
  3. Entzündliche ZNS-Erkrankungen / Inflammatory CNS disorders
  4. Neurodegeneration /Neurodegeneration
  5. Wirbelsäule / Spine
  6. Zerebrovaskuläre Erkrankungen / Cerebrovascular diseases
  7. Sonstiges / Others

6. Download the abstract template (download the template under the button “Hier können Sie die Abstract-Vorlage herunterladen“) and fill-in your abstract content. Follow the following guidelines:

  • Don't list your title in the abstract, it was automatically incorporated.
  • Abstracts can only contain a maximum of 2.200 characters.
  • Charts and images can be included.
  • Upload your abstract with the button “Abstract-Dokument hochladen”.
  • The system will check the abstract and will give you an immediate response. If it shows red, a mistake has occurred, please check the guidelines again. Green means that everything is correct and you can go on.

7. Insert your authors with the button “Autor hinzufügen”. If you are an author yourself use the button “Ich bin Autor”. Follow the following guidelines:

  • Please add the respective institutional affiliation to each author. To do so, click on the button "Zugehörigkeit hinzufügen" and there you can select the institution / clinic / company using the Google search function and, if necessary, expand or modify it.
  • By clicking on the small picture, you identify the first author / main author.
  • The order of the authors can be changed via the small arrows next to the respective authors.

8. Choose the speaker which will present the abstract. (For yourself, click on “Ich werde Sprecher sein”; for another author, click on “Sprecher auswählen”).

9. State your disclosure statement – choose from the following options:

  • I declare, as the sole author, that during the last 3 years I have had no economic or personal connections in the sense outlined*.
  • As the corresponding author, I declare that I and my co-authors have not had any economic or personal connections in the sense outlined* for the last 3 years.
  • As a Corresponding Author, I declare that I or one or more of my co-authors have had commercial or personal connections during the past three years, as defined*. The connections are listed accordingly and / or will be forwarded by e-mail to katharina.pracht@kukm.de. (You can type your connections into the right field)

* A potential conflict of interest within the meaning of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE, www.icmje.com) and the Association of Scientific Medical Societies (AWMF, www.awmf.de) exists if an author has economic or personal links to companies in the healthcare industry (e.g. pharmaceutical or medical device industry), commercially oriented contracting institutes or insurance companies, which could be affected by the publication of his project positively or negatively. Economic connections are for example memberships in advisory boards, employment relationships, travel allowances, fees, shareholdings, research grants or other third-party funds. Personal connections may exist when there are connections to someone whose economic or moral concerns are affected by the abstract (for example, family connections, partnerships, or personal relationships with representatives of a healthcare organization). There may also be a conflict of interest with members of professional societies or professional associations relevant to the development of the guideline, as well as with the mandate holders in the context of guideline development. Also interests - e.g. political, academic (for example, affiliation to certain "schools"), scientific or personal - can create a conflict.

10. Last step is the summary – check the data thoroughly before finishing the submission. After releasing your abstract, you aren't able to make any changes. You can cancel the submission process at any time and continue later on - your data is saved. If all information are correct and you would like to finish the submission, please click on "Freigeben".

11. You will receive a confirmation mail. If you want to change something in your abstract or withdraw it, please contact Katharina Pracht (pracht@kukm.de).

In case of any questions, please contact:

KUKM Kongress- & Kulturmanagement

Kongress- und Kulturmanagement GmbH
Rießnerstraße 12 B
99427 Weimar

Contact Person:
Katharina Pracht
Phone: +49 3643 2468-127
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E-Mail: katharina.pracht@kukm.de