Annual Meeting 2018


Kurt-Decker-Prize 2018

Dr. Jennifer Kollmer, Heidelberg, Title:
„Charakterisierung diffuser Neuropathien mittels hochauflösender Magnet Resonanz Neurographie“

Marc-Dünzl-Prize 2018

Dr. Daniel Paech,Heidelberg, Title:
„Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) Magnetresonanztomografie: Evaluation des diagnostischen Potentials bei Gliompatienten“

DGNR - Interventionspreis 2018

PD Dr. Wolfgang Kunz, München, Title:
"Kosten-Effektivität der Schlaganfall-Thrombektomie im Kontext klinischer Subgruppen, dem Patientenalter, der Zeit und der Reperfusion"

Prize of the Association for Brain Aneurysm Diseases e.V. for the best oral presentation

Dr. Ruben Mühl-Benninghaus, Homburg, Title:
"Transient In-Stent-Stenosis - A Common Finding after Flow Diverter Implantation"

Prize of the Association for Brain Aneurysm Diseases e.V. for the best poster

Mariya Pravdivtseva, Kiel, Title:
„Patient specific models for flow investigations of aneurysms“

Prizes for the best posters of neuroRAD 2018

Dr. Annika Keulers, Aachen
"Preventing vessel perforations in endovascular thrombectomy: Feasability and safety of passing the thrombus with a microcatheter without microwire: The wireless-microcatheter technique"

Prof. Dr. Omid Nikoubashman, Aachen
"Increased hemorrhage risk due to combined systemic thrombolysis and dual antiplatelet inhibition after endovascular stroke treatment"

Dr. Christian Maegerlein, München
"Pulling out all the stops to further reduce thrombus fragmentation during endovascular stroke treatment - the PROTECT PLUS technique"

Dr. Simon Schön, München
"Imaging glioma biology: spatial comparison of APT, CBV, DTI and FET"

Dr. Hani Ridwan, Aachen
"Endovascular Rescue Treatment for delayed cerebral ischemia following subarachnoid hemorrhage - A single Center analysis"

Dr. Benedikt Wiestler, München
"Learning what's normal: Deep-learning human brain anatomy for unsupervised anomaly delineation in MR images"